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Buying Your First Smart Lock? Just Get This

Looking for the best smart lock for you? Skip out on the research and just get the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It's our pick for the best smart lock of 2020.

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A smart lock lets you lock and unlock your door with the touch of button, through a simple voice command, or just by having your smartphone nearby. You can even check to see if your door is locked when you're away from home, and view a history of every time your door has been locked and locked.

If you want one, and want to skip the research to just get the best option for you, look no further than the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

You don't need a separate device for it to work remotely.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the company's latest, greatest and smallest smart lock. It doesn't require a Wi-Fi bridge -- a whole seperate device other locks sometimes need -- to control it remotely. It has Wi-Fi baked right into it, which allows you to lock and unlock your door even when you're on the other side of the world. Yes, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a little more expensive than other smart locks, but you're getting what you pay for.

Easy installation. No door surgery needed.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock simply attaches to the existing deadbolt on your door, and actually still gives you the ability to use your keys to lock and unlock your door (in case you can't let go of that mechanical feel). You can install the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock in less than 15 minutes. You don't have to replace any of the innards of your door, so no need to pull out the toolbox.

It works with every major smart home ecosystem.

Most smart locks don't work with all major smart home ecosystems, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings — but the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is compatible with all of them. It's even AirBnb compatible, in case you're going planning on renting your home or apartment out.


August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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