Ditch Your Tangled Mess of Chargers and Upgrade to Volta's Universal One

With a magnetic system, an ultra durable cable and PD charging capabilities, what's not to love?

How many times have you fumbled through a mess of cords looking for the right charger? Perhaps you identify more with the plug it in, only to trip over the cord and shatter your precious tech type? Or maybe you're just plain frustrated with the glacial pace at which that cheap-o cord you bought at a gas station charges your phone. Volta set out to solve each of these problems in one sleek charging system with its Spark. It works by utilizing a series of small magnetic adapters that you can plug into each of your devices and leave there. Then, you can use Volta’s Spark cable with all of your devices. If you trip, the magnets will detach, but it still offers a powerful PD connection that will charge each of your devices at full speed. Plus, it’s ten times stronger than any other cable on the market, resists fraying and tangling and even supports data transfer. If that isn’t enough to convince you, how does a lifetime warranty sound?

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