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The Best Survival Tech for Any Disaster

If disaster strikes, will you be ready?


Given that the likelihood of global apocalypse seems to have jumped from c’mon, be serious to maybe next week? — at least in most people’s minds — we thought it was a good time to update our recommendations for emergency plans and supplies. So we searched high and low for the best resources you might need in an emergency.

Of course, you should take it with a grain of salt; don’t start packing a trunk with the more extreme varieties of emergency supplies. But these items are still smart to have. Natural disasters, power failures, personal emergencies, plain old wanderlust, and any number of other situations might spring up in life, and it will be well worth it to make a few precautionary investments — even if nothing horrible ever happens.

The SEVENTY2 by Uncharted Supply

You can find plenty of emergency supply kits out there. Most are okay: basic essentials packed in boxes or low-grade backpacks. Uncharted’s SEVENTY2 kit, however — named after the number of hours this thing is meant to see you through — is supremely well thought out, created with input from first responders, military personnel and survival experts. The backpack is durable and fully waterproof, and it can be sealed up and used as a floatation device. The insert containing all the supplies can be pulled out and worn as its own backpack, if you need the main bag’s space for additional supplies, and all the pockets are clearly labeled with their contents.

Beyond mere supplies, there are instructions for various emergencies clearly printed on the surface of the insert. But of course, the supplies themselves cover all the essentials: a first-aid kit, rations, survival knife, multitool, hat, heat packs, packable shovel, water filter, radio, gloves, thermal blankets and more — all neatly organized and accessible.

Buy Now: $350

BioLite CampStove 2

This hugely useful device became a sensation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hundreds of BioLites were deployed to carry New Yorkers through the power outages, helping people stay warm, caffeinated and connected. The stove burns twigs and sticks for warmth and cooking purposes while simultaneously converting some of that energy to electricity, made available via USB. The newest version generates 50 percent more power and has an improved LED readout and an integrated battery for later use. Its built-in fan creates a well-stoked, smokeless fire, so even tenderfoots will be able to keep their micro-blaze burning in a pinch.

Buy Now: $130

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet

The BioLite won’t solve all your power needs, so it’s smart to have a much more robust battery pack handy. This one might be overkill on a day hike or a quick business trip, but its AC outlet and 27,000 mAh capacity make it a lifesaver if you find yourself off the grid for hours or days and you need power for your electronics. Just don’t forget the AC adapter so you can top it off as you stop in for an Egg McMuffin while fleeing civilization.

Buy Now: $169

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

The guys with the machetes and machine guns will certainly intimidate, but it’s a safe bet that the folks who can fix smartphones and hotwire GPS receivers in the wilderness will survive the longest. Bring a tool bag with screwdrivers, hammers and saws, but throw this in there, too: an electronics toolkit with all the tiny screwdrivers, micro-bits, pry bars, tweezers and “metal spudgers” you’ll need to be the tech-support hero of Free California or New New York.

Buy Now: $70

First Aid App by American Red Cross

This smartphone app provides step-by-step instructions (with videos and animations) for multiple emergency medical situations: bleeding, heatstroke, broken bones, shocks, burns and much more. It also includes strategic safety tips for situations ranging from winter storms to earthquakes and tornadoes. Most importantly, all the intel is pre-loaded, so everything’s handy even if you don’t have wi-fi.

Learn More: Here

LED Lenser XEO 19R

A bright headlamp will beat out a clunky flashlight in pretty much any situation. You need those hands free. (And if you do prefer it off your noggin, you can just hold it in your hand like a regular torch.) The XEO has a powerful 2,000 lumens of LED light, and its rechargeable battery pack can be used to charge other devices in a pinch.

Buy Now: $330

EarthRoamer XV-HD

Of course, you’ll buy one of these primarily for the adventure potential — all the comforts and amenities of a huge mobile home in a rugged and fully capable off-roader. The XV-HD, which is based on the Ford F-750, can accommodate up to 8 people and features a solar array, a big battery, a 200-gallon water tank and 46-inch military tires. You’ll take it camping, exploring, and out to dinner just for fun. And then when chaos reigns during the Troubles, you’ll ride one of these pups straight into the sunset.

Learn More: Here

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