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Have Philips Hue Lights? Beware This Upcoming Change

Philips Hue and Google smart homes are about to hit a (temporary) snag.

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If you use Philips Hue smart lights and you have them integrated with some of Google's smart home devices, such as the Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam and Nest Protect, you're about to hit a bit of a snag. As of November 17, they're going to stop being compatible with each other.

But don't worry — it's only temporary.

As first reported by The Ambient, Philips Hue recently published a blog post explaining the situation. Because Google is transitioning from its ‘Works with Nest’ program to its ‘Works with Hey Google’ program, it's forcing third-party smart home devices to make the switch too. Therefore, all Philips Hue's smart lights will stop working with the aforementioned Nest smart home devices.

But for consumers who have been integrated Philips Hue smart lights and Nest smart home devices in the same ecosystem, there's a fortunately a pretty easy fix. All you'll have to do is link your Philips Hue account to the Google Home app and then everything should work pretty much the same way as Google builds all the old Works with Nest features into the Google Home App.

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