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How to Tell When Your Free Trial of Apple TV+ Expires

Wondering when your free trial of Apple TV+ is going to expire? Here's how to find out.

apple tv plus subscription

Apple launched its TV show and movie streaming service, Apple TV+, over a year ago — in November 2019 — and one of its big promotions was offering a one-year free trial of Apple TV+ for anybody who purchased an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple TV streaming box or an iPod touch.

Apple just announced that it would be extending the free trial period of Apple TV+ until July 2021 for people who first signed up for the streaming service in November 2021. This means that those initial subscribers are actually getting 21-month free trial.

It does mean that you have a new date to cancel by if you don't want to be charged, though.

Here's how to quickly check to see when your free trial of Apple TV+ runs out.

• Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

• Select your name (appears at the top).

• Select the Subscriptions tab.

• Find the Apple TV+ tab and check where it says "next billing date."

People who signed up for the free trial between November 21, 2019 and June 21, 2020 should see a renewal date of June 21. This obviously benefits people who signed up earlier for the streaming service; if you signed up for Apple TV+ in June 2020 or later, who get a one-free trial and not the 21-month free trial.

After the free trial runs out, a subscription to Apple TV+ will cost you $4.99/month or $49.99/year.


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