Apple Could Bring Back the MacBook's Most Beloved Feature

Yes, MagSafe might be coming back.

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It's no secret that Apple is getting ready to announce the first higher-end MacBook Pros with its new M1 chipsets. The company released the first M1-based MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs to great acclaim in November 2020, but those were more entry-level models. Now people are excited to see what Apple silicone can do in a more capable machine.

That said, the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros could have an additional new feature that's poised to get people equally (if not more) excited. According to a recent Bloomberg report, it's rumored that Apple is going to bring back the beloved MagSafe charger to upcoming models.

The MagSafe power connection was built into all Apple laptops from 2006 to 2016 — and people loved it. They loved the fact it made a strong enough connection to power a laptop, but was quick enough to release if you or somebody tripped over the cable. Plus, it made a wonderful snap sound every time it connected to your laptop. But Apple made the switch to USB-C in 2016 and shortly after MagSafe was phased out completely.

The return of a MagSafe charger doesn't mean that Apple is getting rid of USB-C. These upcoming MacBook Pros are still expected to have a number of USB-C ports — most likely 4 — for connecting all of your other devices. The advantage of the new MagSafe power connection is that it supposedly will charge the new MacBook Pros even faster, (which is similarly true with the iPhone 12's MagSafe charging system). Plus, you'll get the quick release ability and snapping sound that made MagSafe so beloved in the first place.

Apple is expected to announce these new M1 MacBook Pros this coming March or April.


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