There's a New OLED Nintendo Switch, Here's What You Should Know

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be available on October 8 and cost $350.


Nintendo just announced the Nintendo Switch OLED model, a new Switch console that will be available on October 8 and cost $350. That's $50 more expensive than the current Switch and $150 more than the Switch Lite. As its name gives away, Nintendo Switch OLED model will have new OLED display that will no doubt make games look better. But Nintendo made a few other meaningful changes that could make current Switch owners think about upgrading.

What's different about the OLED Switch's screen?

Simply put: better colors and contrast. The OLED screen gives it more control over each pixel so it's able to produce a picture with significantly more detail and contrast. Basically, the games will look better than if you played on your current Switch or Switch Lite. The upcoming Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will also have a 7-inch display, which is slightly larger than the Switch's 6.2-inch LCD screen. (It's also larger than the Switch Lite's 5.5-inch LCD screen.)

That said, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) shouldn't feel that much bigger in your hand. Its design has slimmer bezels to allow for more screen space. According to Nintendo's website, the new model will be just 0.1-inches longer than the regular Switch and just 0.05 pounds heavier.

Does the OLED Switch have better battery life?

Apparently not. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will have the same expected battery as the updated Switch that was released in 2019, which is "approximately 4.5 - 9 hours" according to Nintendo's website. Please note that if you bought the original Switch that was released in 2017, which looks exactly like the current Switch, it doesn't have the updated processor that improves its battery life. The 2017-released Switch has a battery life of "approximately 2.5 - 6.5 hours."


Does the OLED Switch support 4K?

Probably not, unfortunately. When used with the dock and connected to your TV, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will only output up to 1080p (or HD), which is the exact same as the original Switch. It doesn't support 4K output, which is what a lot of people were hoping for in a "pro-level" Switch.

Does the OLED Switch have other new features besides the new screen?

If you play your Switch in handheld or tabletop modes, that's where you'll notice the biggest differences with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). It has improved speakers and more adjustable stand that allows you get the exact viewing angle you want. Additionally, Nintendo has given the new console twice as much internal storage (64GB vs the Switch's 32GB). The new Dock comes with a wired Ethernet port, too, for a more reliable connection.

Will the OLED Switch have exclusive games?

Nope. All existing and future Nintendo Switch will be playable on the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). There will be no exclusive games.


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