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The 1TB iPhone Is Here — And It Costs a King's Ransom

Always running out of space on your iPhone? The 1TB iPhone 13 Pro has the most space of any iPhone yet. But it'll cost you.

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If you've skimped on storage when buying an iPhone and lived to regret it, you know what a frustrating experience running low on space can be. Shelling out for a phone with a little more space can save you a lot of headaches down the line, even if it isn't cheap. Now, with the iPhone Pro 13, Apple is enabling a whole new era of data hording. You want a phone with tons of space? This is a phone with tons of space.

The iPhone 13 Pro (and Pro Max) baseline of 128GB isn't bad, but what's notable this cycle is the option for an iPhone with an entire terabyte of storage. This loadout option makes the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max the iPhones with the most onboard storage from Apple to date.

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Of course it will cost you. A lot. The cheapest 1TB option is to get the smaller iPhone 13 Pro which starts at $999 for 128GB but goes up $500 to $1,499 for the 1TB storage option. The larger, more expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max will run you $1,099 for the 128GB baseline, but $1,599 for the 1TB option.

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That enormous storage option is in part to help support the iPhone 13 Pro's 4K 30fps ProRes video recording. As Marques Brownlee points out, the 128GB base model isn't even allowed to shoot that resolution at all, presumably in part because you'd run out of storage too fast. Or because Apple would like to upsell folks who want that ability. Or both.

The premium Apple asks for additional iPhone storage is certainly high. In part, no doubt, because the Cupertino company stands to profit more if you run out of space on a smaller phone and wind up paying for an iCloud subscription in perpetuity. But if the upfront cost is worth it to you, you can drop half a grand to (probably) never worry about storage again.

The iPhone 13 Pro is available for pre-order starting 9/17.


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