Cracked Windshield? Here’s What Your Need to Know about Replacing It

Make sure your car is ready to get you safely to your destination with Safelite AutoGlass®.

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Most cars today have advanced safety systems to keep you (and your car) safe on the road. These systems create a safety net around your car to help reduce the risk of collisions through the use of forward-facing cameras. Attached to the windshield, these cameras enable advanced safety features to aid drivers on the road — features like automatic braking, forward collision warning, lane-keep assist and more. But what happens when you have to replace your windshield due to cracked glass? What steps need to be taken to ensure you stay safe?

What most people don't realize is that if you have to replace your windshield, the forward-facing camera attached to it must be recalibrated in order for the safety features to continue working properly. So where do you start? And how do you know if the work has been done correctly?


The technicians at Safelite Autoglass® are experts in recalibration and have everything you need to know about what it is and why it's an important step in the auto glass replacement process. They have the knowledge, skill and tools to do the job — all you have to do is set up an appointment.

There are two types of recalibration: dynamic and static. Some cars require a combination of static and dynamic recalibration. Dynamic recalibration requires the technician to drive the vehicle at a set speed on well-marked roads while they recalibrate the safety system. For static recalibration, many vehicles require the controlled environment of a shop for the process to be executed properly. It requires the vehicle to be parked facing a mounted target image. The technician then makes sure the camera sensors line up with specific points on the target.

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Regardless of the method required, you need a trusted recalibration expert to ensure your advanced safety features are operating at peak performance. When scheduling with Safelite®, you’ll be notified if your vehicle’s safety system needs to be recalibrated after your replacement. A certified Safelite® technician then completes both the replacement and the recalibration service in the same appointment. Safelite® even provides proof of recalibration once your service is complete.

Safelite® takes the guesswork out of recalibration and makes sure your car gets the expert attention it needs. Your car will be ready to safely take you on your next adventure in no time.

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