Apple Watch Series 8: Everything We Know So Far

Next week, it's rumored that Apple is going to announce three new Apple Watches: a new flagship, a new SE and a "Pro" model for serious athletes.

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Apple is getting ready to hold its next big iPhone event on September 7 (where it's also expected to announced the next Apple Watch models). For everything else that Apple is expected to announce, click here.

Last fall, Apple only announced one new Apple Watch — the Series 7 — but things are poised to get a lot more exciting this time around. That's because, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter, the Cupertino giant is set to release three new Apple Watch models on September 7 (the official date of Apple's next big event).

The three rumored Apple Watch models are:

  • A new flagship (the Series 8)
  • An updated version of the SE
  • All-new rugged Apple Watch that's designed for serious athletes

    Apple already gave us a glimpse at watchOS 9, the next big software update, which all the new Apple Watch models will run. It's going to bring improved tracking abilities for running, sleeping and other workouts; there's a new medications app so you can better manage your various prescriptions and supplements. And Apple has redesigned the dock and notification system so that it's more intuitive and less disruptive.

    Apple has already revealed that the nearly-five-year-old Series 3 will not support watchOS 9. So if you still have this older Apple Watch, you probably want to think about upgrading.

    The Series 8 might tell you if you're sick.

    One of the most highly anticipated abilities of the upcoming Series 8 is body temperature monitoring; it'll take your skin temperature and, using an advanced algorithm, convert it into body temperature so that you'll have better idea if you could be sick or not. Basically, it'll be able to tell if you have a fever.

    According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, body temperature monitoring was set to be a feature of the Series 7, but was ultimately scrapped because the algorithm wasn't accurate enough to meet Apple's high standards. However, Kuo believes that Apple will have improved this algorithm so that it'll be ready for the Series 8 at launch.

    The Series 8 could have a new, larger size.

    Rumors around the Series 8 are intensifying and the latest one is that Apple is set to give us a new larger model with a 2-inch display, which is about 20% bigger than the Series 7's current display. According to display analyst Ross Young, the Series 8 could come in three sizes, with a 50mm option to accompany the 41mm and 45mm options.

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    When watchOS 9 gets rolled out this fall, it’ll allow you to use Portrait mode photos of your pets as your watch face. You’ll be able to edit the background layers of that photo, too.

    The next Apple Watch SE will get the flagship look.

    After not announcing a new SE model in 2021, Apple is expected finally give us a second-generation model later in 2022. The next-gen SE will adopt the larger display and more-curved design of the Series 7. To keep the price down, Apple will again likely omit some fancy features like the always-on display and some higher-end (like the electrical heart and a blood oxygen) sensors.

    The first "Pro" Apple Watch is coming.

    As for the upcoming Apple Watch "Pro", Gurman suggests that it will have a more rugged design with flat-edges design; this same flat-edged design was given to the latest iPhone 13 models to make them more durable, and Apple could be set to do the same thing with a sport-focused Apple Watch. It's likely that this Apple Watch Pro will have a thicker case to make it more resistant to dings, scratches and other potential mishaps. It's also rumored that it could maybe be the first Apple Watch with satellite connectivity, which would help it better stay connected when off the grid.

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