Apple Watch Series 8: What We Know So Far

Apple could be set to announce three new Apple Watches in 2022: a new flagship, a new SE and an all-new rugged smartwatch for series athletes.


Apple only announced one new smartwatch this fall, the Apple Watch Series 7, which was a bit of a surprise as most expected to also get an updated Apple Watch SE. While that might've bit a little bit of a letdown at the time, the good news is that 2022 looks set to be the biggest year yet for the Apple Watch. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter, the Cupertino giant is working on not two but three new Apple Watch models.

The three rumored Apple Watch models include:

  • A new flagship (the Series 8)
  • An updated version of the SE
  • All-new rugged Apple Watch that's designed for serious athletes

    The Series 8 could have a new larger size.

    There isn't a lot of details about the Series 8 just yet, but it is expected to adopt the larger display (by 20%) and more-curved design of the Series 7; it is unlikely to have the flat-edge design that was so-heavily rumored to come with the Series 7, but turned out to be false. Maybe the biggest difference with the Series 8 is that, according to display analyst Ross Young, could come in three sizes, with a new even larger size option to accompany the 41mm and 45mm options. As for the new sensors that the Series 8 could have, it's still very much up in the air; however, the body temperature sensor that was widely rumored about might not be coming after-all.

    The next Apple Watch SE will get the flagship look.

    After not announcing a new SE model in 2021, Apple is expected finally give us a second-generation model later in 2022. The next-gen SE will adopt the larger display and more-curved design of the Series 7. To keep the price down, Apple will again likely omit some fancy features like the always-on display and some higher-end (like the electrical heart and a blood oxygen) sensors.

    The first rugged Apple Watch for athletes and adventurers.

    As for the all-new ruggedized Apple Watch, Gurman suggests that it could have the flat-edged design that was heavily rumored to be given to the Series 7 before it was announced. This same flat-edged design was given to the latest iPhone 13 models to make them more durable, and Apple could be set to do the same thing with a sport-focused Apple Watch. It's also likely that this new Apple Watch will have a thicker case to make it more resistant to dings, scratches and other potential mishaps.

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