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Don't Like the iPhone's New Notification Dot? Here's How to Change It Back

Don't like how notifications are now appearing on your iPhone? You're not alone.

iphone notifications
Tucker Bowe

Apple changed the way notifications appear on your iPhone's Lock Screen when it rolled out iOS 16 earlier this fall. Instead of appearing at the top of your iPhone's screen, they now appear on the bottom. If you are also seeing your notifications as just a number of dots on the bottom of your iPhone's Lock Screen, this is Apple's new "count" view. If you don't like it, changing it back is quite easy.

The new iOS 16 attempts to show you less information you don't need, so that notifications don't overwhelm your screen. In addition to the new, minimalist "count" view, you can also opt for list or stack views, which give you a little more intel at a glance.

How to Change How Notifications Appear on iPhone

iphone notifications
Tucker Bowe
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and select "Notifications."
  3. Select the view you want in the "Display As" section at the top.

    In addition to the new "count" view, there's two other options you can choose from. The "list" view is probably the most conventional view that you're most used to. All your notifications as a list and depending on how many notifications you get, this list could take up your entire screen. The "stack" view simply condenses that list so that they appear stacked together at the bottom of your screen.


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