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Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Snow Might


Used on everything from the space shuttle (hat tip to you Atlantis) to golf clubs, titanium is an element that requires little explanation. It’s both lightweight and stronger than steel, and here in the form of the Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case ($120), totally bewitching. The ultra-thin case is made entirely in Japan using a single sheet of high tensile strength titanium pressed onto a special form, then hand-molded to perfectly fit the iPhone’s svelte enclosure. A laser-etched logo is then engraved along with an application of no-scratch internal coating. We’ve tested the case out for a few weeks now (it’s finally available for purchase this month) and though we’d advise against using it in hardcore environments, it will certainly make up for in spades with form-fitting style and astonishingly tight tolerances. Moreover, unlike that cheap plastic case you grabbed at the last-minute, the Snow Peak Titanium Cover will likely outlast the current generation iPhone and the next.

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