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This Smart Sprinkler System Could Cut Your Home’s Water Bill In Half This Summer

What makes the Rachio 3 unique is that it comes a new flow meter that can detect things like pipe leaks and broken heads.


For any home with a yard and a sprinkler system, it makes sense to get a smart sprinkler controller for the simple fact that it’ll save you money in the long run. For example, the Rachio 3, the company’s third-generation smart sprinkler controller, is wi-fi connected so it can tell the weather forecast and it can detect the moisture of the soil, and therefore it can make smart decisions on how much water a certain grass or flower patch needs. You can use the app to set watering schedules and things like that, but if it just rained, or is going to in the near future, the Rachio 3 can make on-the-fly adjustments.

What makes the Rachio 3 unique compared to the previous models, however, is that it comes a new flow meter that can detect things like pipe leaks and broken heads. If there’s an issue, it’ll alert you. And if it’s a big issue, like an out-of-control leak, Rachio 3 will shut off the entire system to preserve your water bill. All in all, it has the potential to drastically decrease your monthly water bill — maybe in half. The system works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung’s SmartThings and Nest, too, in case you have other smart home devices and you want them all to talk to each other.

The bundled Rachio 3 and Wireless Flow Meter costs $330. If you don’t need the Wireless Flow Meter, you can pick up the Rachio 3 for $230. Also, a disclaimer: the Wireless Flow Meter is not compatible with Rachio’s first or second-gen sprinkler controllers.

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