Mophie’s Slick New Power Banks Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Mophie’s new powerstation wireless and powerstation wireless XL are power banks with a 6040mAh and a 10,000mAh battery capacity, respectively.


Not too long ago, Mophie released two premium portable power banks for anybody with an iPhone: the Powerstation Plus ($80) and the Powerstation Plus XL ($100). Both could charge with a Lightning cable, so you could charge your iPhone and the power banks with one cord – nice. Both power banks had an integrated Lightning cord so you didn’t have to worry about bringing your own – nice. And lastly, both power banks could be wirelessly charged – just place them on the same Qi-wireless charging pad you use with your phone (if you had one). They couldn’t wirelessly charge your phone, however.

But now, if you want a power bank to wirelessly charge your phone, you’re in luck. Mophie just announced the Powerstation Wireless ($80) and Powerstation Wireless XL ($100), both of which work just like a Qi-wireless charging pad. The Powerstation Wireless has a 6040mAH capacity and the XL has a 10,000mAh capacity. Both have a USB-A port that can output 10-watts – enough to charge your laptop (albeit not super fast). They charge via USB-C, not Lightning, however, nor do they have an integrated Lightning cable, so both power banks are probably more convenient for using with your MacBook Pro than your iPhone (or your Android smartphone or other USB-C laptop).

Additionally, Mophie announced a new vent mount ($70) and desk stand ($70), so you can wireless charge your smartphone in the car or the office.

Buy Now: $80 (Powerstation Wireless)Buy Now: $100 (Powerstation Wireless XL)

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