Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stands

Sound Footing

Woo Audio

Full-sized, over-the-ear headphones (known as Circumaural cans to you purists) typically provide a level of audio fidelity that measly earbuds can’t match. The trouble is they don’t exactly store nicely when not in use on your desk. These Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone stands ($60-$75) can help remove clutter from your workspace or listening station by attractively displaying your gear on aluminum. Compared to the dowel stands on the market, the lightly curved base design of Woo’s offering won’t mar your fine leather head pads with imprints. Each stand can also be adjusted from 11″ to 14″ in height and options are available in both black and metallic finishes for single or dual sets — in case your better half is an audiophile too.

Editor’s Note: If you prefer the look of wood, check out these Sound Omega Stands by Sieveking.

Buy Now: $75

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