Schitt Headphone Amps

This Schitt is for real


Knowing that nearly all of us are guilty of what co-founders Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat would consider an abomination is an interesting notion. The crime? Listening to the music coming through today’s primary audio consumption tool. Headphones. Luckily, the duo also have a hefty, if not vigorous, solution: Schitt Headphone Amps ($250+). Obvious moniker jokes aside (yes, it’s pronounced as you’d think) Schitt amplifiers are just that — the shit — infused with a refreshing notion in the world of cheaply foreign-manufactured gear: American-made electronics designed to pass down to your children. Currently three amps make up the Schitt range. The entry-level Asgard ($249), the tube-based Valhalla ($349) shown above, and the high-output hybrid Lyr ($449). The sound from all three are true magic, instantly transforming your music collection into one you’ve never heard before. You can thank overengineered componentry for that: true Class A components, highly simplified circuity for ultra-low feedback (think “farm to table” for your music) and high current design. And if you’re a skittish consumer, rest well knowing that every device comes with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Side note: If your primary audio source comes from a USB-based device, we’d recommend picking up their bit-perfect digital-audio converter, the Bifrost ($449)

Buy Now: $250

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