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This $30 Leather Case Will Black-Out Your AirPods

these cases aren’t terribly expensive and they add a bit of individuality to your AirPods.


So, I have AirPods. My roommate and his girlfriend both have AirPods, too. And a number of my work colleagues own AirPods. It’s a lot of AirPods, meaning the likelihood of mistaking my AirPods for somebody else’s AirPods, and vice versa, is very high. This problem is only compounded by the fact that you really can’t customize AirPods at all. It’s white or nothing. Sure, you can buy custom painted AirPods for third-party companies, such as Colorware, but that effectively doubles the price of AirPods. And not many sane people are going to do that.

Of course, as AirPods have been around for awhile – nearing their two-year anniversary – there are more and more accessories for them, including these new leather cases. They’re by Nomad, a well-renowned tech accessory company; these are its first cases for AirPods and they look really nice. They have a two-piece construction and are built with Horween leather, so they’ll naturally add a bit of protection against scratches and drops. It should be noted that there are other third-party cases similar to these, but Nomad’s cases look like tighter and also look a little nicer (say, compared to these cases by Air Vinyl Design). Either way, these cases aren’t terribly expensive and they add a bit of individuality to your AirPods.

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