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The 15 Best Podcasts of the Year, According to Apple

Here’s the complete list, along with links to each podcast so you can start listening now.


As part of its “Best of 2018” awards, Apple named its selections for the best podcasts of the year. Among the chosen, there’s quite an eclectic mix. There’s the hugely popular In the Dark, which is an investigative podcast about Curtis Flowers, the man who has been tried six times in the state of Mississippi for the same murder. If you’re looking something similar-yet-different, The Onion’s satirical podcast, A Very Fatal Murder, about a fake murder in Nebraska also makes the list. Both the New York Times and This American Life have two podcasts that made the 15-podcast cut. Dax Shepard continues to rise, interviewing interesting celebrities on his new podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. And Marvel’s first scripted podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night, which follows the iconic blade-wielding mutant as he is wanted for murder in a remote Alaskan town.

There are 15 total podcasts that Apple named as part of its “Best of 2018” awards — all can be found below, along with their links to iTunes. If you’re looking for your next podcast addition and you haven’t listened to one of the below podcasts, here you go.

1. “In The Dark” by APM Reports
2. “Caliphate” by The New York Times
3. “The Dream” by Stitcher
4. “Everything is Alive” by Radiotopia
5. “Slow Burn” by Slate Magazine
6. “Dr. Death” by Wondery
7. “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard” by Armchair Umbrella
8. “Bubble” by Maximum Fun
9. “Bundyville” by Oregon Public Broadcasting
10. “A Very Fatal Murder” by The Onion
11. “Wolverine: The Long Night” by Marvel and Stitcher
12. “Serial” by This American Life
13. “The Daily” by The New York Times
14. “This American Life” by This American Life
15. “99% Invisible” by Roman Mars

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