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The 8 Best Apps of the Year, According to Apple

Apple’s App Store has selected the best apps and games of the year for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.


Every year the editorial team that works on and curates Apple’s App Store selects the best apps and games of the year, running across all its different devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. And this year is no different. Check out the 2018 winners below.

iPhone App of the Year: Procreate Pocket

Procreate is a well-known drawing app for iPad, and Procreate Pocket is essentially the same thing yet optimized for iPhone. There are over a hundred brushes to choose from, as well as various painting effects and other creative effects. There’s obviously no Apple Pencil support, but it utilizes features that are only found on iPhone, such as 3D Touch and haptic feedback.

Download Now: $4.99

iPhone Game of the Year: Donut County

This is a self-described “story-based physics puzzle game” where you are a hole in the ground, and the object is move the hole around so that objects fall into the hole. The more objects you swallow, the larger the hole grows and thus the larger the objects you’re able to swallow.

Download Now: $4.99

iPad App of the Year: Froggipedia

This is an interactive and educational iPad game that leverages AR to help you explore the life cycle of a frog, from a celled egg to a tadpole to a fully-grown frog. You also dissect it.

Download Now: $3.99

iPad Game of the Year: Gorogoa

This is a beautifully illustrated drag-and-drop puzzle game that’s available for both iPad and iPhone. Each puzzle consists of four seeminly unrated drawings, on four different panels, and your goal is to arrange them in a certain way that ultimately tells a story. It’s challenging, yet undeniably beautiful and engadging.

Download Now: $4.99

Mac App of the Year: Pixelmator Pro

This is a professional image editing tool, not too dissimilar from Adobe’s Photoshop, that works exclusively on Mac. It’s compatible Light and Dark Modes of macOS, and allows users to effect, adjust and layer their images and designs in nearly infinite ways.

Download Now: $39.99

Mac Game of the Year: The Gardens Between

This is an adventure-puzzle game that feels like your reading a visually stunning story book. It follows two best friends, Arina and Frendt, as they explore and travel through beautiful and dreamlike levels.

Download Now: $19.99

Apple TV App of the Year: Sweat

This is a fitness app taught by personal trainer Kayla Itsines. Subscribers have access to a host of different workout classes, challenges and meal plans – all designed to get them in summer shape. There’s a one-week trial period that’s free for anybody who wants to try it out. An annual subscription costs $120.

Download Now: $Free

Apple TV Game of the Year: Alto’s Odyssey

This is the sequel to the highly successful game Alto’s Adventure. As before, you’re a still snowboarder that is riding really fast downhill, but this time you’re avoiding obstacles and navigating different-yet-still-majestic landscapes. It’s also a lot bigger and longer than the original game.

Download Now: $4.99

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