Google’s New Smart Clock and Display Could Change the Way You Wake Up

Today at CES, Google announced its second smart display, the Smart Clock and Smart Display in collaboration with Lenovo.


Today at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, Google broke with its tradition of announcing hardware releases at its own events in Mountain View, CA and New York, NY. At the trade show, Google announced a new Smart Clock and Smart Display in collaboration with Lenovo. The device is designed to occupy space on your nightstand, and much like the Pixel 3’s wireless charging dock, is optimized to help you make the most of your morning and evening routines.

The Clock can suggest alarms for you based on your habits and can be programmed to help wake you up gradually with a gently brightening screen (much in the same way that the Pixel 3 and wireless charging dock work). Like all other Google Assistant-enabled devices, the Clock makes it possible to control other smart home devices with your voice. The Smart Clock and Smart Display also feature a 4-inch touchscreen display that users can interact with to control things like lights and Nest thermostats. While it’s not available for purchase quite yet, you’ll be able to get your hands on one this spring for $79. And if you can’t wait that long, you can pick up some of the same functionality from Google’s Smart Home Hub for $99 (down from $149) right now.

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