Goal Zero Nomad 5: The New Portable Solar Panel That Every Camper Needs

You’re running out of excuses for running out of juice.


You’re running out of excuses for running out of juice. Today at CES, Goal Zero introduced its latest highly portable solar panel, the Nomad 5, along with three slim yet even more powerful batteries in its Flip power bank line.

Plug your charging cable directly into the USB port of its small but sturdy frame and the Nomad 5, which weighs less than a pound, can directly charge your phone, tablet or another small mobile using the sun. So while you’re setting up camp or just lounging at the beach, you can use its built-in kickstand to angle the Nomad to catch some rays as your phone recovers safely in its shade.

Or if your phone’s still got plenty of battery, you can store more for later by plugging one of Goal Zero’s sleek, colorful companion power banks right into the Nomad 5 panel. These energy-dense batteries come in three new capacities: Flip 12 (12Wh/3350mAh), Flip 24 (24Wh/6700mAh) and Flip 36 (36Wh/10,050mAh) – enough to resurrect your phone up to five times, and in as fast as an hour. Expect it to take two to three hours to fill up the Flip 12 under ideally sunny conditions and iteratively more for the bigger batteries. Or you could cheat and charge them ahead of time from any powered USB outlet.

All these (digital) life saving-products will be available online starting in May, the Nomad 5 for $60 and the Flips for $25, $35 and $45, respectively.

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