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If You Want to Try Boxing at Home, Here’s How to Do It Easily

Fightcamp’s gym system will have you throwing Michael B. Jordan-like punches in no time.


Boxing is a total-body workout that gets your heart rate up while simultaneously working your arms, abs and back. If you’ve never taken a class before, attending a boxing class can be a bit intimidating. Depending on where you go, the instructor might demo some punches before class, never again touching upon the key differences between them, or they might expect you to jump right in. FightCamp wants to bring the workout to your home, so you can learn exactly how to throw each punch and when to use a defensive move, all while sweating. The trackers from FightCamp have been around since last year, but at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, the brand introduced a full-blown home boxing gym.

With the purchase of the home gym system, you’ll get a pair of punch trackers (that connect to the workout app), a free-standing bag (that you have to fill with water or sand or a combination of both), a heavy workout mat, boxing gloves and quick wraps. It’s everything you’ll find if you were to attend a class, but the wraps and gloves will only be used by you, saving you the stench of other people’s sweaty hands. Connect the trackers and open up the app to follow along a workout that’s 15, 30 or 40-minutes. The trackers monitor your rounds, punch count (how many punches per workout), punch rate (how many punches per minute) and your output (how much effort you’re throwing with each punch). Each combination of punches shows up on the bottom of your screen, whether you’re using a phone or streaming to a larger device.

The app is currently $39 a month for unlimited workouts. Classes in New York typically run more than $20, so you’ll get your money’s worth if you take just two classes each month. For now, the app only works with iOS devices.

Buy Now: $995

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