The Ultimate Smart Gadget You Don’t Need? This Is It

Yes, it’s a massage chair.


Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Human Touch unveiled the Super Novo massage chair. It’s not so strange to spot high-end massage chairs at CES, or at trade shows in general, as they offer a welcome reprieve for those spending all day on their feel. On the consumer side, however, they’re not something that most people are likely to buy. They’re super expensive and pretty ugly, if we’re being honest, but those things aside, nobody can deny the attraction of a full-body massage at your beck and call.

The neat thing about the Super Novo is it’s the first massage chair that works with Amazon’s Alexa. With a simple voice command, the virtual therapist initiates a unique personalized massage program, no need to fiddle with any hardware if you don’t want to. The chair features a set of soothing meditation programs and eight calming nature tracks. And using a Bluetooth connection, you can effectively stream whatever audio experience you desire, played through ear-level premium Altec Lansing speakers.

For a more tactile interface, you can download the app and utilize your phone as a controller. Or just use the advanced, intuitive remote that comes with the chair. However you decide to control it, you’ll have 38 auto-wellness and three 4D massage programs at your disposal. So whether you choose a full-body stretch while inverted in zero gravity, deep tissue, dual lumbar heat, or a calf and foot massage using rollers that automatically extend to fit your height, this highly therapeutic chair will comfortably cradle you in a world of relaxation and recovery.

You just need to wait until the end of March, when the fabulous Super Novo will be made available nationwide for $9,999 in your choice of a number of different styles: black, cream, gray, red, and saddle. Then again, spend more than a few minutes in one of these chairs and you may soon forget what color it is all together.

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