Meet Your Apple Product’s New Best Friend

Twelve South’s collection of Apple-specific products will make your tech happier and help you travel with ease.

Chandler Bondurant

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The folks over at Twelve South has been making Apple-specific products since 2009. They’ve been so successful at it that Apple now uses Twelve South products at their various campuses. It’s easy to see why. With simple, thoughtful designs, Twelve South bridges the gap between an already-excellent product with the challenges of real-world use. And tech prowess notwithstanding, Twelve South is a small American company; a twenty-or-so-person team HQ’ed in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether you’re looking for a way to upgrade your office setup or streamline your travel arsenal, there’s a Twelve South product for you. Learn more about our favorites or shop the whole collection below.

Shop the Twelve South Collection

For the Office

HiRise Pro

The HiRise Pro appears so simple that it’s easy to underestimate. Anchored in ergonomics, the HiRise elevates your monitor or iMac to the height that’s best for you via an internal, adjustable shelf offering a range of about four inches. The vented faceplate is magnetic and reversible, concealing a storage area for Apple accessories with either the classic gunmetal or the ever-classy walnut inlay. The rear of the HiRise features a user-friendly wide cord port, making it easy to connect to hard drives and other tech stored inside. Produced in steel, the HiRise is as sleek and sharp as your iMac.

Buy Now: $169.99

The Curve

MacBooks are taking over office spaces from start-ups to fast-paced media and creative agencies. The Curve responds to the need for mobile workstations by offering an elegant solution for when you’re desk-bound. Elevating and canting a standard 13- or 15-inch MacBook, the Curve positions your Apple laptop at the correct level while assisting with optimal cooling. Produced from aluminum and finished in a matte black, the Curve is a must-have for any MacBook user.

Buy Now: $59.99

On the Go

The CaddySack

Good cable management can make all the difference when you’re on the go. From the airplane to the coffee shop, the CaddySack keeps Apple charging cables, adapters, headphones and backup batteries decluttered and close at hand so you can stay focused instead of fumbling. Produced from New Zealand leather and lined with Chevron Tweed.

Buy Now: $89.99

The PlugBug

The new streamlined MacBook has forgone traditional USB ports in favor of the more versatile Thunderbolt 3, making charging your iPhone tricky, especially when plugs are scarce. Interfacing seamlessly with your Apple laptop charger and sporting two USB charging ports, the PlugBug keeps you in juice when you need it most. And, coming with an array of international adapters, it’s ready to go wherever your travel takes you.

Buy Now: $54.99

The AirFly

AirFly is a tiny Bluetooth device that connects Apple AirPods (or any other bluetooth headphones) to entertainment systems on planes, in fitness centers and anywhere else with only wired headphone jacks. Simply plug AirFly into practically any headphone jack to watch movies or shows with your AirPods.

Buy Now: $44.99

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