This Is Way Cooler Than Your Average Smart Plug

It’s also an air quality monitor and nightlight.


The Awair Glow C is a neat little 3-in-1 smart gadget for the home. First, it’s a smart plug that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. (Apple’s HomeKit is the notable omission here.) This means you can plug in a regular lamp or fan and integrate it into an existing “room” in your home.

Second and most importantly, the Glow C is an air quality monitor. It measures the temperature, humidity and overall air quality of the room, and through the Awair app can be set up to automatically turn on whatever plugged into it. For example, if the temperature gets about 72-degrees and you have an air conditioner or a fan plugged in the Glow C, it can automatically start it up or turn it off (if the temperature gets below a certain preset). It also has a motion sensor, so it can also be set up to automatically turn on when somebody wants into the room (or turn off when they leave).

Lastly, it works as a customizable smart night light. Through the app, you can set the Glow C’s light to turn on and off at certain hours; there’s also a physical button on the Glow C to turn it on or off, if you don’t feel like taking out your smartphone. Most helpful is the fact that this light can be used to indicate air quality. If it’s green, the air quality is good. If it’s red, not so much.

The Glow C is obviously a little more advanced that your average smart plug, and thus it’s also quite a tab bit more expensive. Since you can get a great smart plug by Belkin, iHome and Amazon for under $30, the Glow C is really designed for those who want to take advantage of its air quality monitoring abilities. The smart nightlight is a nice little add-on.

You can purchase Awair Glow C right now for a discounted price of $79, but once we get into the month of August that price will price to the regular MSRP.

Buy Now: $89 $79

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