Meze Classics Headphones



We’re not designers by trade, but we’re pretty sure there’s a rule that says the addition of wood only makes products more beautiful. The Meze Classics headphones are a perfect example, and lend credence to our lumber-loving design ethos. The Meze headphone line is the creation of award-winning industrial designer, Antonio Meze. Available in three models, beginning with the travel-friendly 55 Classics ($130) and culminating in the supreme audiophile 88 Classics ($250 shown above), each pair is equipped with individually handcrafted ebony wood cans. Neodymium drivers as well as passive noise isolation, detachable TPE cables, and suspension padded ergonomic headbands further showcase the attention to detail found in each pair. And while we can’t yet attest to the all-important sound-to-price ratio of these wooden wonders (they’re currently only available for pre-order), if they sound anywhere near as good as they look, value in the headphone market will be officially redefined.

Check out photos of the entire line after the break.

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