VTech Retro Cordless Phone

Dialing it back


The new VTech LS6195 ($60) phone can’t take pictures, stream video, or connect to Facebook. And, unless you’re rocking Hammer pants, it won’t fit into your pockets, either. But it can do one thing really well that your current phone may not: make phone calls.

Unlike typical landlines, this unique “answering system” also embraces the aesthetics of a retro communication device while still featuring some very modern functions such as a cool illuminated rotary-style number pad and DECT 6.0 wireless technology that provides crystal clear, encrypted sound quality from up to 500 feet away from the base station. Plenty of other little tech perks are packed on as well, like a digital answering system with 14 minutes of recording time, caller ID, last 10 number redial, and a 50 name and number phonebook directory. But if you were desperate for those types of things, you probably shouldn’t be buying a landline phone to begin with.

Buy Now: $60

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