Want to Decorate Your Home with iPhone Photos? It’s Now Easier Than Ever

It’s easier than ever to decorate your apartment with photos shot on your smartphone.

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If you use Google Photos, there are a couple of new ways you can turn your digital memories into something more tangible. Google’s photo sharing and storage service has had a feature called Photo Books ($20+) for a little while now, which allows users to create a tangible photo book from a selection of their uploaded photos; you order the create the photo book with the Google Photos app, order it, and Google will mail the finished book to you. Now it’s adding Canvas Prints and Photo Prints, two different services that allow you to buy physical copies of your digital photos.

Canvas Prints is a pretty straight-forward service that allows you to order canvas prints of any one of your Google Photos. You can order the canvas prints in three different sizes (8×8″, 11×14″ and 16×20″), with the smallest starting at $20 and the largest going for $45. You can also select a different colored border for each canvas print. The canvas prints can be ordered in the Google Photos app by going to settings > Print store > Canvas prints.

Photo Prints is a similar service that allows you to order 4×6″ photos prints, with each that cost between $0.25 and $0.30 a pop. You order the prints through the Google Photos app the same way you would with Canvas Prints, but by selecting Photo prints instead. The other difference with Photo Prints is that it prompts you to pick up your ordered photos at a nearby CVS or Walmart that same day, while the canvas print is mailed to you.

Both services, Canvas Prints and Photo Prints, are accessible now to anybody that has a Google Photos account (which is free to create for anybody with a Google account, such as Gmail). The Google Photos app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Learn More: Here (Prints) Learn More: Here (Canvas)

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