Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drums

Drummer (Oh) Boy


Would you pay nearly $10,000 for one of the quietest drum kits in the world? Even if your upstairs neighbors won’t pitch in, the Roland TD-30KV could make it worth every penny.

Representing the pinnacle of their V-Drum technology, the Roland RD-30KV represents over 10 years of technology pioneering. These are serious, professional instruments capable of endless performance options while also allowing the player to create a completely unique practice routine. Every piece of the kit is embedded with Roland’s advanced senor technology, making every subtle movement on the drumheads, rims and cymbals resonate as if they were constructed of traditional materials.

If bucking tradition is your thing, than the array of otherworldly sound samples is endless, as the kit includes a V-Edit mode for customizing the samples contained in each piece of the kit. This new incarnation also features advanced Behavior Modeling technology that drastically increases the response and overall sound quality of the V-Drums. As you would expect, the drums can easily be connected to a laptop via the USB to MIDI converter, opening up even more options for playing to backing tracks, recording, etc. They might not rotate automatically like Neil Peart’s setup, but should hold over even the most progressive of musicians nonetheless. Jammin.

Buy Now: $7,500

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