Modbook Pro

Tableau Vivant


The biggest problem we have with the iPad is that it’s a one-way device. It’s fantastic for consuming information, but what about making it? Tablets are best for YouTubin’ and Angry Birdin’, not image processing and video editing — unless you have the patents of multi-touch coursing through your veins. But new hope for the creative class dawns with the rise of the Modbook Pro.

Built from a proprietary enclosure, the Modbook Pro merges an Apple MacBook Pro with a Wacom digital touchscreen and stylus, resulting in the iPad editors, designers and programmers all wished Apple had introduced. Available this fall, and utilizing a 13” MacBook Pro as its base, the Modbook comes with either a 2.5 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor or a 2.9GHz dual core Intel Core i7. Upgradeable to 16GB of RAM, the Frankentablet also includes an SuperDrive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset, and perhaps most importantly, 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. Meaning not only can you have, let alone truly utilize, the entire CS6 collection on your tablet device, but you can also show those pigs exactly how angry your birds can be.

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