This Indoor Air Quality Monitor Is a No-Brainer Upgrade for a Healthier Home

Check the quality of your home’s air quality at a glance.


The Awair Element is a new indoor air quality monitor that looks like a retro radio and costs just $149. It has five different air quality sensors, allowing it to measure things like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other microscopic particulate matter (PM2.5) that are given off by things like cooking, cleaning supplies and vehicle traffic (if you live near a busy road). It’s available now.

Thanks to a free app, the Awair Element allows you to check these air quality metrics at any time. The neat thing is that the Awair Element constantly displays the area’s “Awair Score,” which is a measure of its overall air quality; once you get used to its scoring, you’ll be able to tell the air quality of the space simply by looking at the device — no need to check your smartphone. Additionally, the Awair Element is also able to send your smartphone push alerts, in case something comes up.

If you already have a Google or Amazon smart home, or have a smart thermostat by either Ecobee or Sensi, the Awair Element is compatible and will be able to slot right into your home’s smart ecosystem. If you have any of the company’s other products placed in other rooms of your house, like the Awair 2nd Edition ($199) or the Awair Glow C ($89), the new Awair Element is compatible with those, too.

Buy Now: $149

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