You Snooze, You Win


The average human being spends somewhere around 200,000 hours of their life asleep, which seems like a lot of important time wasted dreaming of the Swedish Bikini Team. But, like your doctor, your mother and every health teacher you’ve ever had has droned at you again and again, sleep is important to a healthy life. Seven to eight hours. REM cycles.

Founded on this iron principle, Larklife ($150) connects your sleep patterns, diet and exercise plans in one smart wristband and iOS app. It’s a lot like the Nike+ Fuel Band, but with an added emphasis on snooze time. The idea is to sync your time spent unconscious with your daily activities and habits, from the best times to eat and work out to when you should take a productivity break, or even go to bed. Among other things (and it does quite a bit), the Larklife features a silent, vibrating alarm clock, sleep quality tracker, calorie counter, hydration tracker and even fitness coaching tips.

OK, so it kinda sounds like a high-tech way of reproducing a naggy girlfriend who bugs you all day about the crap you could be doing better — but some of us need those annoying reminders at this stage in our lives. And with a pleasant and intuitive interface, it may be an improvement over whoever’s currently running your life.

Buy Now: $150

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