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The HomeHawk May Be the Easiest Home Security You Can Use

The HomeHawk by Panasonic is effective and secure with its KX-HN7000 Series of HD cameras.


Keeping your home safe and secured is a priority for everyone and luckily it has never been more simple. The HomeHawk by Panasonic is effective and secure with its KX-HN7000 Series of HD cameras for the front door, a peripheral HD camera and a wireless access point base. Not only will this system keep your home safe, but it records everything in color, with a wider field of view with completely wire-free cameras. We took a look at the Panasonic HomeHawk to show you the unique details that make this system one of the best for keeping your home protected inside and out.

1. Color Night Vision: Other security cameras are black and white — providing only low quality at night. With Panasonic’s exclusive color night vision technology, the KX-HN7000 Series of HD cameras means you can see everything that’s going on in full color — day or night.

2. Wire-Free for Safety Where You Need It: The completely wire-free system means that set up and installation of the HomeHawk is dead simple. And you don’t need to worry about battery life with Panasonic’s long-life rechargeable batteries — all you need to do is pick a spot in your home and you’re set.

3. Built for Toughness in Harsh Conditions: No matter the conditions, the HomeHawk is there to stay. Thanks to its IP65 waterproof rating, the HomeHawk can survive heavy rainfall and temperatures from -4° F to 122° F. These Pansonic KX-HN7000 Series Cameras are as durable as can be, so you never need to worry that they will fail on you.

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