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The Best Apple Watch Apps for Sleep Tracking (That Aren't Made by Apple)

Apple finally has a sleep-tracking app for the Apple Watch. But there are some great third-party alternatives, too.

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Apple didn't make a sleep tracking app for the Apple Watch for years and years. Its rationale was that the Apple Watch's battery life, which typically lasts about then 24 hours, wasn't prepared for it, and Apple therefore recommended that you charge your Apple Watch at night instead. This didn't stop people from wanting a sleep tracking app for their Apple Watch — and several third-party developers obliged. We've rounded the best third-party sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch, below.

Of course, Apple officially brought sleep tracking to the Apple Watch with watchOS 7. The new Sleep app, which is compatible on every Apple Watch that's a Series 3 or later, works very similarly to the third-party options that have already been available. And yes, it integrates your sleep tracking data directly into Apple's Heath app.

One of the benefits of using Apple's Sleep app is that it you can set it up so that, and it's getting closer to your normal bedtime, it will notify you if your Apple Watch's battery is below 30 percent ; this way you'll be able to charge the smartwatch before you go to bed. According to Apple, an hour-and-a-half charge will take any of the Apple Watch from about zero to 80-percent battery; while an extra half-an-hour is needed to charge that extra 20 percent.



This was previously the most popular Apple Watch app for sleep tracking. It looks and works very similarly to the Fitness app — there are rings and everything. It tracks sleep duration, sleep quality and “readiness,” the latter basically attempting to rate how well your sleep prepared you or the forthcoming day. And it integrates nicely with Apple Health.

Price: $3




The biggest upside that Sleep++ has over some of the other sleep tracking apps, particularly AutoSleep, is that it’s free. Other than that, it has many of the same features, such as automatic sleep tracking (it detects exactly when you fall asleep) and shows you a bunch of data about your night’s sleep.

Price: Free




Pillow is a well-reviewed app that, again, has many of the popular features like automatic sleep tracking and in-depth sleep analysis charts. It has a “smart alarm clock,” where it wakes you up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle for maximum morning refreshment. The app can also record audio (like snores and random outbursts) during the night and play it back for you, but that requires you to pay a subscription fee so you’ll have to want it really bad.

Price: Free


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