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5 Key Features of Samsung’s Tiny New Foldable Smartphone

Samsung just officially announced the Galaxy Z Flip, the company’s newest foldable smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know.

Samsung has officially announced its next-generation foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, and unlike the Galaxy Fold, the company’s previous foldable smartphone, the new Galaxy Z Flip folds vertically just like the recently released Motorola Razr. The idea is that it’s way more pocketable. But the new smartphone is unique in a lot of other key ways. Here’s what you need to know.

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It’s not that expensive.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be available to order on February 14 and it cost $1,380. It’s still expensive, yes, but not so much considering the Galaxy Fold still demands a $1,980 price tag. Also, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung’s newest big-screen and premium smartphone, starts at $1,400; meaning the Galaxy Z Flip is ever so slightly cheaper.

It’s foldable glass, not plasic.

The display of the Galaxy Z Flip promises to be even more durable than the display of the Galaxy Fold. That’s because it’s the first foldable smartphone to use foldable glass instead of plastic, thus supposedly making it a little more durable. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Z Flip can be folded over 200,000 times.

An all-new “Flex Mode.”

Samsung gave the Galaxy Z Flip a brand-new type of hinge for a smartphone. They’re calling it a “free-stop hinge” and the gist is that you can stop the hinge whenever you want, just like the hinge on a laptop, and the Galaxy Z Flip will rest in place on a surface. When using it in this “hands-free” way, Samsung is calling this the Z Flip’s “Flex Mode.”


More ways to use a split-screen.

When using the Galaxy Z Flip in this “Flex Mode,” it actually divides the top and bottom displays so you can use them as two separate screens. For instance, when flipping through your Photo Gallery, the bottom screen turns into a trackpad and allows you to easily swipe through photos. Another cool thing is that you can take night-time hyperlapses without a tripod; just prop the Galaxy Z Flip in place, hit the shutter button, wait a few seconds and then you’ve got yourself a hyperlapse.

Take selfies when folded.

When folded into its tiny form factor, the Galaxy Z Flip is a little more capable than you’d think. It has a neat 1-inch cover display, which is barely larger than the smartphone’s camera system, that can show you things like Caller ID and some push notifications. This tiny cover display can also work as a viewfinder for the selfie camera, so you see and get yourself in frame without having to open the smartphone.

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