Take Your Apple Tech to the Next Level With These Smart Bundles

From essentials for iPhones to accessories for MacBooks and iMacs, these curated collections are a great way to up your Apple game with a single purchase.


For many of us, Apple devices have become part of our daily carry kits. MacBooks and iPhones are tools of our trades that accompany us from our homes to our offices and back; to offsite and client meetings; on planes, trains and in taxis. For over ten years, Twelve South has been in lockstep with Apple, creating accessories and products specifically designed for Apple devices and their devotees. Even from their early days we were fans of the approach and inspired by the commitment to design and precision manufacturing. Above all, Twelve South builds products that aren’t just compatible with your devices, they’re also complementary.

That’s why we’re stoked to announce four new product bundles exclusive to the Gear Patrol Store. Think of them as Twelve South starter kits, tested and vetted by our team and delivered right to your door. From essentials for iPhones to accessories for MacBooks and iMacs, these curated collections are a great way to up your Apple accessories game with a single purchase. The bottom line is this: if you own an Apple device, you need to familiarize yourself with Twelve South. You’ll be glad you did. We’ve worked with Twelve South to ensure that when you buy an exclusive bundle you get everything for less. It’s a win, win, win.

For the Long Flights

While Bluetooth compatibility is becoming more ubiquitous, there are still major limitations for devotees of wireless-ness. The all-new AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth bridge between a standard headphone jack and your AirPod Pros or other favorite wireless headphones. The AirFly Pro also allows for pairing with two sets of wireless headphones at the same time for sharing music or movies on the go. Coming with the AirSnap Pro – an elegant but practical protective case for your Apple AirPod Pros – this bundle is a powerful package that will pay for itself in no time.

This bundle includes one AirSnap Pro and one AirFly Pro.

Buy Now: $94.98 $74.98

For the Big Projects

An organized workstation is a productive workstation. When you really need to focus – nay, deliver – having a clutter-free desk can make a huge difference. That’s where the StayGo and HiRise Pro come in. With a bevy of ports (4K HDMI, USB-A, Ethernet, USB-C and Micro and Standard SD Card) and a streamlined design, the StayGo offers all the auxiliary ports your computer needs while keeping cables tamed and to a minimum. It’s paired with the HiRise Pro, an ergonomic, adjustable stand for your monitor that pulls double duty as cable housing and storage for accessories. Now your workstation is comfortable, clutter-free and more conducive to crushing that deadline.

This bundle includes one StayGo and one HiRise Pro.

Buy Now: $269.98 $219.98

For the Fast-Paced Office

The modern office has shifted to become more mobile. With this shift comes more and more work being done on laptops and phones; stationary desks have been pushed aside in favor of shared workstations, pods and conference rooms. But working on small devices can be a pain, literally. Not only does the Curve elevate your Apple MacBook to help relieve neck strain, but it also exposes the base of the computer to fresh air, keeping your hard drive humming happily. The bundle includes the HiRise Wireless, a stout stand that charges your iPhone while keeping it at the perfect height and angle for easy use as an auxiliary device. Need to move to a new spot? No problem. Simply pick up, relocate and get back to the grind.

This bundle includes one Curve and one HiRise Wireless.

Buy Now: $139.98 $99.98

For the Important Meetings

Part of the hustle is making those off-site meetings work for you. And whether you’re sitting with a big client or potential new business, you want to show your best side. This bundle – which consists of the Journal for Macbook (13″), Journal CaddySack and Cognac CableSnaps – is a sleek, professional solution to organization on the go. The Journal keeps your MacBook safe and looking sharp while the CaddySack and CableSnaps ensure you keep it classy with well-stored chargers, cables and adaptors all in their place.

This bundle includes one Journal for MacBook (13″), one Journal CaddySack and one Cognac CableSnaps.

Buy Now: $264.97 $194.97

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