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Apple Gave Its Popular MacBook Pro the One Big Fix It Needed

Today, Apple announced a new refreshed model of its 13-inch MacBook Pro and the big news is that it has a new keyboard.

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Today, Apple announced a refreshed model of its 13-inch MacBook Pro and the big news is that it has a new keyboard. Or well, it has the same Magic Keyboard that Apple has recently given its new MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro, but it’s exciting nonetheless. The new keyboards are way clicker, travel more and are just way more enjoyable to type on. (You can read my review of the new MacBook Air if you want to hear more of my thoughts on the new Magic Keyboard.)

The announcement of the new 13-inch MacBook Pros means that Apple no longer sells any new laptops with the low-travel butterfly-switch keyboards, which the company introduced about five years ago and they’ve been the most polarizing feature of Apple’s laptops ever since. So, if you’ve been holding out on buying a 13-inch Pro, it’s finally a good time to buy Apple’s most popular-sized MacBook Pro again.


The new 13-inch MacBook Pros have been refreshed with a little more than just a clickier keyboard. Apple has given the new 13-inch MacBook Pros more power (thanks to an optional Intel 10th-generation processor), a better graphics card, faster RAM and more storage (the new base storage is 256GB, up from 126GB). The base model still costs $1,299, which is the same price as the previous 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The new Magic Keyboard still comes decked out with a TouchID fingerprint sensor, a physical Escape button and a Touch Bar. If you were hoping for a 13-inch MacBook without a Touch Bar, which Apple stopped producing about two years ago, you’re still out of luck.

You can order a new 13-inch MacBook Pro today on Apple’s website and they’ll be available in Apple Stores later this week.

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