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5 Affordable Desk Fans That Will Make Your Home Office Bearable This Summer

We’re rounded up five great desk fans that don’t take up much desk space and cost less than $25.


We’re heading towards the dog days of summer and most of us are still working from (and will likely be doing so for the foreseeable future). If you’re worried about overheating at your home office because your AC doesn’t work so well, or maybe you just want something to circulate the air in your room, a desk fan is a great solution. And frankly, you can get a great one for very cheap.

Arctic Breeze Mobile

A number of our colleagues have this portable USB-powered desk fan. It has a short flexible neck, and can plug directly into your desktop or laptop. The blades are exposed, but they’re not sharp or hard, and they don’t spin fast enough to hurt you.

BUY NOW: $12 (Amazon)

Opolar F401 Mini

This is a larger and sturdier USB-powered fan. It can plug it directly into your laptop or docking station and it’ll just work. No need for an outlet and a long power cord.

BUY NOW: $13 (Amazon)

Genesis 6-Inch Clip Convertible

This is on the larger and more powerful side. It has two different speed modes, too. The real selling point is its convertible base; it can stand like a traditional desk fan or you can clip it to the side of the desk and therefor take up no vital deskspace.

BUY NOW: $14 (Amazon)

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce

The HT-900 TurboForce has three different speeds (the most on this list) and has an adjustable 90-degree head. It’s great for cooling you off or just circulating air around the room.

BUY NOW: $15 (Amazon)

Vornado 133

Vornado is one of the premiere names in tabletop fans. If you’re looking for a fan that’s both adjustable and powerful, this is the one you want. (And it’s on sale.)

BUY NOW: $50 $25 (Amazon)

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