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Everything You Need for a Music Festival (Except the Drugs)

The music fest is an unbelievable experience. To the unprepared, however, it can be unbelievably trying.

Derek Duoba

Your favorite music, all in one place, in 12-hour servings make the music festival an unbelievable experience. To the unprepared, however, it can become a test of endurance. Spending your days crushed into crowds, blasted by decibels and covered in sweat (some of which doesn’t belong to you) is an endeavor best conquered with creature comforts. But, even in a space so seemingly devoid of rules, there are some items that won’t make it past the security queue. For instance, steer clear of aerosol sunscreen, blankets, towels, flags, and air horns — and yes, leave your hula hoop at home.

Try this list instead: a water bottle that is plastic, not glass; a camera and sunglasses that will get the job done at prices that ensure that you won’t hate yourself if you lose them; a shirt that fights sweat, and earplugs that are designed for live music. Orient yourself with this list so that, come festival weekend, you can feel free to throw yourself headlong into the moshpit, the glow sticked masses or the dreadlocked circle of good vibers at the fringe.

ER20XS-SMF-P High-Fidelity Earplugs by Etymotic Research $20

On The Fly Water Bottle by Nalgene $10

TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera by Olympus $338

‘Facial Fuel – UV Guard’ Sunscreen SPF 50 by Kiehl’s $38

Titan Hydration Pack by UltrAspire $109

Nelson Sunglasses by Monokel $109

Billet Aluminum Grinder by Mendo Mulcher $75

Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack by Patagonia $35

Ripstop 5 Panel Cap by Norse Projects $59

Breezy Linen Pivot Shirt by Outlier $165

Linen and Cotton Blend Shorts by Incotex $275

B2N Canvas Shoe by Spring Court $150

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