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A Listener’s Guide to Headphone Stands and Storage Solutions

Show your favorite audio accessory some love with a proper headphone stand.

Hard Graft

It took a few years longer than it should have, but headphone stands have finally started to catch up with explosive growth of the personal entertainment industry at large. A niche once dominated by expensive, handcrafted one-offs now includes plenty of functional and affordable options for anyone looking to treat their headphones with a little more respect. We’ve scoured the web to surface the best headphone stands on the market across a variety of price points and categories.

The Basics

The price difference between options in this range largely boils down to materials. Anything in this list will work for the majority of headphone brands out there, but owners of bulkier sets should consider spending slightly more to go with metal frames overs plastic.

Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand $20

Modko Jack Headphone Stand $19

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand $26

LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headphone Stand $30

Just Mobile HeadStand for Headphones $50

Elago H Stand for Gaming and Audio Headphones $34

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand with 3.5 AUX port $40

Razer Headphone Stand $40

Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand $59

A Classic Hack: The Banana Hanger

Put this totally unnecessary kitchen accessory to good use supporting your headphone of choice. There’s a surprisingly wide variety of designs and styles, all available at reasonable prices. Just do your measurements before buying to ensure the stand has enough height to hang your particular set and that the headband can fit inside the hook.

The Statements

Finding these luxury headphone stand options can be slightly more tedious, since several are made overseas and often sold through exclusive boutique retailers. Still, audiophiles looking for a comparably well-built showcase for their premium headphones don’t have many other options. Don’t be fooled by similar stands at much lower price points. The injected particle-board construction of those knockoffs is a far cry from the craftsmanship found in the real deal.

ROOMs Audio Line Type FS S Headphone Stand ~$88

Woo Audio HPS-RS Universal Adjustable Height Aluminum Headphone Stands $69

Sieveking Sound Omega Kopfhörerständer $180

The Alternatives

If a dedicated stand doesn’t make sense for your particular setup, there’s also a handful of other clever headphone-storage options worth considering too.

The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount $11

Kancha 0.2 for 2013+ iMacs ~$17

Hengja Desk Headphone Hanger $14

Hard Graft Peak Headphone Case $195

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