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Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are Now Astoundingly Affordable

The first pair of headphones from Wyze look to be an incredible bargain.

wyze headphones

Wyze is perhaps best known for the $20 smart home camera, the Wyze Cam, that has almost all of the capabilities of much more expensive smart home cameras by Amazon, Nest and Honeywell. In the two years since, the company has released a whole ecosystem of smart home products, including, a smart plug, a smart light, smart window sensors and a smart lock. Now the company has announced maybe its most ambitious product ever: a pair of noise canceling headphones that are unbelievably low-cost.

Like the company's other products, the main feature of the all-new Wyze Headphones is price. They cost just $50. But according to Wyze, its new headphones have features and the sound profile of a pair of $200 headphones. They have special biocellulose diaphragm drivers that allow them to have a frequency range that goes up to 30kHz, as well as deliver impressive bass. They also have active noise-cancellation (ANC) and transparency modes, however there's no mode that has both ANC and transparency modes off; this is probably a cost-saving measure, but it means that there's no way of listening to the headphones without something altering the sound.

The Wyze Headphones have other premium features, too. They work with a companion app, the Wyze app, that allows you to adjust EQ settings. They have optical sensors that play/pause the music whenever you take the headphones on and off (similar to AirPods). And they have a battery life of about 20 hours. They do have a 3.5mm jack and come with a removable cable, in case you want to listen to them as traditional wired headphones.

If you're looking for really affordable wireless headphones with active noise-cancellation, very few come close to the Wyze Headphones's $50 price point. The Anker Soundcore Life Q20, which cost $60, are the closest. But most affordable options will run you between $150 — $200.

We haven't testing the Wyze Headphones yet and there's still some serious question marks about them — they are Wyze's first audio product. But they're definitely an intriguing product to look out for come this holiday season.

The Wyze Headphones are available for preorder right now and are expected to ship this November.

Preorder Now: $50

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