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The UE Fits Solve One of the Biggest Problems with Wireless Earbuds

Ultimate Ears claims that the UE Fits are the first-ever true wireless earbuds with instant custom fit.

ue fits

Ultimate Ears just announced a new pair of wireless earbuds, the UE Fits, that solve the biggest problem that most people have with wireless earbuds — finding a pair that perfectly stay in your ears. Instead of supplying the various silicone or Comply ear tips that come with most wireless earbuds, which then require you to pick the best size to best fit your ears, the UE Fits come with gel-filled eartips that are able to perfectly mold to each of your ears and then are set with UV light.

Essentially, you place the earbuds in your ears, connect to the UE Fits companion app and initiate the molding process. Each of the earbuds have LEDs lights embedded in them, and the Lightform technology emits UV light to harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of your ears. Ultimate Ears claims that the entire fitting process takes under 60 seconds. You then have earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. The idea is that not only are they super comfortable, but because they fit your ears so perfectly, they're able to better isolate ambient noise so that they sound better, too.

ue fits

Of course, sound shouldn't be a problem with the UE Fits. Ultimate Ears is well-known for its premium in-ear monitors, which are used by plenty of professional musicians, and the UE Fits are created in a similar mold. The earbuds are engineered with premium dynamic 10mm drivers that Ultimate Ears claims should provide a full, warm and detailed sound signature with deep, tight and punchy bass.

Additionally, the UE Fits have a 8-hour battery life. They are sweat-proof and water resistant, too. (They have a IPX4 rating, same as AirPods Pro.) They don't have active noise-cancellation or ambient sound modes. Nor does it appear that the companion app will allow you adjust EQ settings.

The UE Fits are available for preorder right and will normally go for $249. However, Ultimate Ears is running an introductory price promo deal — if you preorder now, you save $50. The UE Fits come in three different colors (lilac, navy and white) and are expected to ship later this fall.

Additionally, the UE Fits come with a 30-day risk-free trial, so if you don't like the way the fit (or sound), you can return them.

Preorder Now: $249

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