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AirPods Max Are Already Sold Out — Unless You Want to Pay Almost $1,000

Apple's stock of AirPods Max is already sold out, but resellers on eBay are hawking stock with a gnarly markup.

airpods max

Apple just announced the AirPods Max, its first pair of over-ear headphones that have all the features and conveniences of AirPods Pro. And if you didn't order your pair yet, well, you missed the boat. Unless you are willing to pay an extreme premium over Apple's already high price.

Apple's AirPod Max are hundreds more than the best noise-cancelling headphones to beigin with, but now eBay opportunists, who likely scooped up Apple's limited stock with automated buying bots, are selling AirPods Max from anywhere between $775 and $999 — and it looks like people are willing to pay. According to Ebay's listing page and a lot of these AirPods Max have actually been sold for prices reaching up towards $1,000.

Apple's stock isn't expected to replenish until the new year, as late as March. And while the upcoming holidays are surely inflating desperate demand, it certainly seems like Apple's headphones can certainly find a market at their list price.

This isn't the first time bots have caused havoc with limited stock products. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been nearly impossible to buy as resellers snag the available stock with speed no human reflexes can match. Unfortunately your only options as a buyer are to wait, or pay a hefty premium while rewarding scalpers to boot.

But hey, AirPods Pro are just $200 right now.


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