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Sonos’s New Speaker Leaked, and It'll Put Basic Bluetooth to Shame

The first image of the next Sonos Roam, the company's new portable speaker, has leaked online.

sonos move smart speaker
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Sonos officially announced that its next hardware event will held on March 9, 2021. As we're always fascinated to see what the company is up to next, we let the world know about it in this post — in which we speculated that it seemed likely that Sonos would use the March event to announce another portable speaker like the Sonos Move, but way smaller and way more affordable.

Well, it turns out we were right — but we didn't have to wait for March 9th to find out, or for Sonos to tell us officially. On March 4th, we got our first look at that new speaker, called the Sonos Roam, thanks to leaked images of that speaker brought to light by The Verge's Chris Welch.

The speaker looks very similar to the current UE Boom 3, and it's expected to cost $169, according to The Verge's source, which cite direct knowledge of the product. The Sonos Roam should weigh in at about a pound and stand 6.5 inches tall; a wireless charging dock will be available for an extra $49 if you'd rather not charge via USB cable. You can check out the leaked images in the embedded tweet below.

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Not many details are known about the Sonos Roam, other than that it's expected to be fully waterproof and have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, just like the Sonos Move does. According to The Verge's article, the Roam will start shipping out to retailers on April 20th. Consider this your way of getting ahead of the line.


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