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The Best AirPod Alternatives Are Now Better Than Ever

The Jabra Elite 65t and Jabra Elite Active 65t have been two of AirPods biggest rivals.


The Jabra Elite 65t and Jabra Elite Active 65t (the latter being a slightly pricier and more sweat-resistant version) have been two of AirPods biggest rivals. We’ve reviewed them both and, in addition to excellent sound quality, they provide the snug fit and superior call clarity that most people who have issues with AirPods, want. Now Jabra has released the newest version of its esteemed true wireless earbuds, the Jabra Elite 75t, and they have a couple of key upgrades that make them even better.

First is the size. Each Jabra Elite 75t earbud is actually 20-percent smaller than its predecessor, which the company claims is designed to make them even more comfort and secure fit. Plus there’s less likelihood of ear fatigue so you’ll probably be able to listen to them longer.

Second is battery life. The Jabra Elite 75t promises up to 7.5 hours of battery life per earbud, while the Jabra Elite 65t got about 5 hours per earbud. With the charging case, the Jabra Elite 75t can get up to a total of 28 hours of juice; the Jabra Elite 65t, with the case, only provides a total of 20 hours.

And third is the charging port. Most new true wireless earbuds have made the jump to USB-C charging and the Jabra Elite 75t continues that trend. This means that instead of bringing a separate micro-USB cable when you travel, you can now charge Jabra’s earbuds with the same charging setup as your new MacBook or Windows laptop.

Aside from those three upgrades, the Jabra Elite 75t are pretty similar to the Jabra Elite 65t. Both have a four-mic array (two mics in each earbud) for call clarity and utilize the same Jabra Sound+ app, which allows you to adjust the EQ of your music. And they both have an IP55 rating; the sport-focused Jabra Elite Active 65t have an IP56 rating, making them every-so-more sweat resistant.

The one significant caveat is that the Jabra Elite 75t will cost $199 when they are released this October, which is $10 more expensive than the MSRP of Jabra’s Elite Active 65t (although you can find them frequently discounted now). If you don’t care of USB-C charging and the smaller form factor, you’ll probably be just fine purchasing either of Jabra’s previous true wireless earbuds.

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