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Master & Dynamic Just Announced Two Super-Pretty AirPod Alternatives

They also announced sport-focused wireless earbuds.


Master & Dynamic just announced two new versions of its MW07 wireless earbuds, which we reviewed last fall and called “the most beautiful wireless earbuds you can buy.”

There’s the MW07 Go ($199), which are sport-focused wireless earbuds, and then there’s the MW07 Plus ($299), which are premium noise-canceling wireless earbuds. Both new earbuds are available now on Master & Dynamic’s website and will be available at BestBuy.com later this month.

With these two new earbuds, you can expect Master & Dynamic to start phasing out its first-generation MW07 earbuds. To help them sell out quicker, Master & Dynamic is dropping the price of the original MW07 earbuds to $249, which is $50 off. (You can also expect to find some pretty sweet deals on them from third-party sellers like Amazon, Best Buy and eBay.)

MW07 Plus

The MW07 Plus ($299) earbuds are essentially identical to the first-generation MW07. They’re made of acetate and stainless steel and have the same stainless steel charging case. There are some significant internal upgrades, however. The MW07 Plus earbuds have three times the battery life (each earbud promises to get about 10 hours of listening time with an additional 30 hours provided by the charging case), Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a longer connection range (100 feet).

The MW07 Plus have the same 10mm custom Beryllium drivers as their predecessors, so you can expect similar sound quality, but the biggest upgrade is the addition of noise-canceling and ambient listening modes. An interesting new thing is that since there’s no companion app, in order to switch between modes you have to use the tiny buttons on the left earbud. To turn noise-canceling on and off, you hold the “volume -” button, and to turn the ambient mode on and off, you hold the “volume +” button.

The MW07 Plus earbuds are available in three core colorways, tortoiseshell, steel blue and white marble, and they’ll also be available in a Studio 35 x Kevin Durant special edition colorway, which will be black quartz.

Buy Now: $299

MW07 Go

If you’ve ever worn or held the original MW07 earbuds, the MW07 Plus earbuds will be near-on indistinguishable – that’s not the case with the MW07 Go ($199). These new earbuds are 15-percent smaller and lighter than the original MW07, and they have an IPX6 water-resistance rating. They’re not made of acetate, either, with M&D opting for an ultra-durable TR90 composite that, according to the press release, is a “material traditionally used in performance eyewear,” instead. They have a smaller, lighter charging case that’s made out of a technical knit fabric instead of stainless steel. And they come with more ear tip and ear wing sizes, too, because a really snug fit is essential for good workout earbuds.

Even though they’re smaller, the MW07 Go also custom 10mm Beryllium drivers so you shouldn’t suffer too big of a dropoff in sound quality. As far as battery life, M&D claims that each MW07 Go earbud gets about 10 hours of listening time, with the case providing an additional 12 hours total.

The MW07 Go earbuds come in much more bold, primary colors. You can buy them in flame red, jet black, electric blue and stone grey.

Buy Now: $199

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