Listen to Spotify? Here’s How to Get a Free Speaker

You’re eligible if you subscribe to an individual or family plan.


Spotify is a running a fun little promotional campaign — now through November 15 — where if you sign up for a Premium subscription, either an individual or a family plan, then Spotify will gift you a free Google Home mini. (Google is currently selling the speakers for $49 a pop.) The cool kicker is that if you’re already a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can get a Google Home mini for free, too.

Here’s how. If you’re on an individual plan, click here. Or If you’re on a family plan, click here. Then click where it says “Already have Premium? Get your Google Home Mini” and then follow the instructions. It’s that easy.

There are a few things to watch out for. If you’re on a family plan, only the person whose email is the owner of the account can claim the speaker. If you’re a student who subscribes to Spotify’s Premium Student plan, you’re not eligible. And no, you can’t be on Spotify’s free 3-month trial; if you are, you’ll have to forfeit the remainder of your Premium trial to claim the speaker.

The other catch is that the speaker is not the just-announced Nest Mini, which looks identical (save for the colors) to the Google Home mini and costs the same. If you’re wondering, the Nest mini has upgraded specs (it’s supposed to be a little faster and sound a little bit better) and a cutout on its back so it can be wall-mounted. (FWIW: Google is doing a bit of rebranding. Moving forward, all its smart home products will have the “Nest” name.)

If you have any other questions about the promotion, check out Spotify’s support page, here.

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