No One Loves Watches More Than Adam Craniotes

An afternoon with Adam Craniotes, a watch enthusiast and founder of the RedBar group, an international watch collective.

Sung Han

For Adam Craniotes, watch collecting began with a Casio F-100 given to him by his grandfather. “Nobody can call me a snob,” he says. “I have forty G-Shocks and I will still add to that collection.” Craniotes is the co-founder of the RedBar Group, a watch-collecting group that began in New York City and has since expanded to Chicago, LA, London, Brussels and Hong Kong. Members of the group own some of the rarest watches in the world — but they are also open to the average joe who’s interested in timepieces but doesn’t have a big-time budget. That premise radiates from Craniotes; watch him for an afternoon and you’ll see that he just wants to have a drink and shoot the shit with likeminded people who love watches as much as he does. We recently followed him as he went about his day, spreading his joy one tick at a time.

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