Wolf Designs Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winders (50% off!)

All Wound Up and Somewhere To Go


Wolf Designs is generously offering Gear Patrol readers 50% off any non-sale item over $50 including the Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winder. Enter promo code: PATROL50 at checkout. Expires July 20.

Wearing the HM3 Frog as your everyday beater isn’t a luxury many of us can afford to have. So when presented with the option, we tend to save wearing the nicer things for the finer occasions. After all, there’s no sense in scratching up a mint condition vintage Rolex Submariner if you don’t have to now is there?

If you happen to own one (or both) of these fine automatic timepieces, chances are it’s sitting in your dresser when it’s not in your rotation. Instead of banishment to the top drawer or foyer valet, we suggest a watch winder. Watch winders are much more than a whirling gizmo to keep your watch ticking. It’s an investment to extend the life of your prized man jewelry.

Automatic watches are designed to be worn continuously and not rewound every day. Excessive winding causes unnecessary stress and wear. Not to mention additional wear to the screw down crowns with each reset too.

When it comes to manufacturing watch winders, luxury travel cases, and jewelry boxes, Wolf Designs has learned a thing or two after 175 years in the business. Based in Los Angeles, Wolf Designs is known for producing branded watch winders, in addition to OEM winders from the likes of Cartier, Baume and Mercier, and Piaget to name a few.

The new Wolf Designs Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winder ($299) is host to an impressive list of upgrades from their previous 2.0 Module Watch Winders. Most notable are the addition of a back-lit LCD display and new control panel that allows the user to choose from uni-directional to bi-directional rotation and the ability to select from 300 to 1,200 turns per day. Programming takes seconds and the patented “snug fit” cuff with enlarged drum easily fits large watches and locks with satisfying click so you know the connection is secure.

We’ve had our Wolf Designs Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winder with Storage for a number of weeks now. The solid construction and ease of use are impressive. You literally set it and forget it. Gone are the days of scrambling through your rotation to keep all your watches wound.

Of course, anything new or luxurious means expensive. What’s truly remarkable about the new Wolf Designs 2.7 Module Watch Winder is that it’s affordable luxury. MSRP for the Viceroy 2.7 Single Watch Winder with Storage we tested is listed at $350, which is $100 less than the original price for previous edition. Plus, it’s only a fraction of the price when compared to other luxury winders from Orbita and Underwood.

Buy Now: $299

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