The Complete Guide to Caring For Your Watch

Ready to take on the responsibilities of watch ownership?

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In some ways, a watch is like a puppy: both are great to have and exciting to pick out, but they do require a fair bit of responsibility and work. For the puppy, you need a good vet. For the big repairs on your watch, you’ll want to know a good repairman. But smaller work on your watch — like scratches and strap replacements — can be handled at home with the right tools and knowhow. For that, you can check out these guides and how-to’s. For those little fixes on your puppy: have you thought about getting him a memory foam mattress? He’s such a good boy, yes he is.

How to Repair a Scratched Watch Crystal

A fresh scratch on an otherwise flawless crystal is a devastating sight. Fortunately, fixing one is cheap and easy to do at home.

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Debunking the Biggest Myths of Vintage Watch Care

J. W. Sotak, Chief Operating Officer of Analog/Shift, a vintage watch purveyor based out of NYC, shares tips and tricks for vintage watches.

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The Watch Owner’s Essential Toolset

Owning a timepiece demands some hands-on TLC, and you need the right tools to make that happen.

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The Best Watch Repair Shops in America, Chosen by You

The independent watch repair shop is a dying breed, but these 15 shops are keeping the art of watchmaking and repair alive.

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